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Algorithm Trading

 Is an alternative to trade in financial markets associate with quantitative trading, using algorithms and automatic procedures 100% FREE of emotions to execute buy and sale orders. 


Algorithm Trading benefits

low costs

operation efficiency

risk diversfication 

high returns 


Latency in Algorithm Trading 



Work Scheme   




Algorithm trading would allowed you to create:


Alpha returned portfolios

Manage own assets with speculative strategy

Create third party portfolios with speculative objectives (ETP´s)

Create structured notes with guarantee capital, and performance linked to algorithm orders

Create quant funds with speculative objectives to complement other investment alternatives

Manage a certain percentage of the fund. Result would be reflected on P&L daily report with NO overnight risk



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Be able to outperform the SPX Index by reducing costs and maximazing efficiency*





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*Returns since July 6 to August 8 outperformed SPX Index